Besides that fact that your windscreen is a very important part of your vehicles structural integrity it is also the main part of the vehicle that can enhance or obstruct your vision, especially in rainy weather. Minor chips are not generally an obstruction to vision but once the chip starts to crack its not only an obstruction to your view but also a compromise to the integrity of the windscreen.


Cracks are a major eyesore for traffic cops out there and you can be sure that as soon as they find a glimpse of a crack on your windscreen, big or small, they will pull out the dreaded “pink-slip” and fine you an average of R 500. There are many debates regarding the validity of these type of fines especially if the crack is not in your direct line of sight.


For us it all comes back to safety, I don’t mind the risk of getting a R 500 fine, but would I really risk my safety and the safety of my family and friends? 95% off accidents have an impact on your windscreen, either from the inside of the vehicle or the outside and if the integrity of your windscreen is compromised not even your airbag won’t be effective in case of such an accident.


Its just not worth taking the risk. Don’t delay any longer, add your vehicle safety checkpoints to your holiday to do list and ensure that you check all the safety factors of your car that you do have control over. Contact our office at 086 111 1369 to book a free inspection, crack repair or windscreen replacement, we never lose sight of who’s on the other side of our glass!




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With the holiday season around the corner everyone’s making checklists of all their essentials to remember and pack for that magnificent sea holiday or adventurous safari! Many forget to add their vehicle safety checkpoints to that list.

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